Workshops are available as one to one individual or group photography instructional sessions for beginners, enthusiast, avid and advanced photographers alike, held online or face to face, of variable or fixed length, where you can get the expertise of an International Award Winning Fine Art Photographer, specializing in Fine Art Architectural and Performing Arts workshops and post-processing expertise, that will be applied to your area of interest and level, and aimed to serve to achieve your personalized goals in photography and art.

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Private personalized workshops (one to several days long) – one-on-one instruction (or up to 3 students) in the location of your choice, aimed at concentrated tuition and shooting the most exciting and enchanting architectural locations in the city of your choice. Italy (Turin, Milan, Rome, Venice), France (Paris), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia), United Kingdom (London, Glasgow), Malta, they are all possible architectural hubs in the world on my list of workshops, but other locations are not excluded, so please contact me for advice in choosing the location that will suit your goals best. The workshops are followed by an indefinite period of free mentoring and processing assistance with the photos taken during the workshop, a great way for you to solidify the knowledge acquired during the workshop and continue improving your skills.


Workshops for your own group, in the location of your choice, is also an option.

  I offer the following types of private workshops:

  1. B&W post processing workshop focused on giving you the right tools and skills to give you complete control over your black & white image to ensure it is perfectly aligned with your personal artistic vision. This includes portfolio reviews and in-depth and detailed suggestions how to improve.
  2. A fine art architectural workshop in any location in the world for a maximum of 3 days. I specialize in architectural workshops in Italy (Turin, Milan, Firenze, Rome, Venice), United Kingdom (London, Glasgow), and Malta. Of course other locations around the world are also possible and I am happy to advise you on that and give you the experience that fits your needs.
  3. A performance art photography workshop. This is aimed at shooting dancers mainly, with a particular drive and vision towards producing unique images which stand out from the rest.
  4. A combination of all the above. Anything is possible, you provide your personal preferences, I will advise you on that and will suggest the best options, including routes and hotel accommodations.